Integrated management system: Safety

Occupational health protection and safety
The Integrated Management System introduced at BorsodChem includes environmental, quality, occupational health and safety management systems. We operate our occupational health and safety management system in line with the international requirements of OHSAS 18001/(MSZ 28001).
Everyday safety
The Group Management is committed and undertakes the responsibility for developing the conditions of safe work performance, reducing the risks to the minimum and establishing a safe environment. In order to implement the above objectives, the safe-conscious behaviour of employees plays a key role besides the Management. As a consequence, our communication focuses on and emphasises the necessity and significance of observing the safety and fire protection regulations.
Responsible care
SAFETY FIRST – making people aware of it is the basis of trust, which we wish to further enhance in the scope of our employees, contractual partners and the population living in the neighbouring settlement.
In the period of prearranging decision on new investments, related parties receive information within the frame of residential notification with regards to the properties of the planned facility and safety implications. In order to maintain good relations we regularly provide information to mayors of communities in the neighbourhood of the company in the framework of plant visit and consultation, where we provide detailed information on all environment and safety related issues.
Being familiar with the properties and impacts of our chemicals is the basic condition of safety. That is the reason why we have been operating a database for years accessible by employees, which contains the safety datasheets (SDS) of substances and products that can be found at the company (REACH).
The Management is committed to create effective health and safety protection. In 2010 we introduced the MSZ 28001 / OHSAS 18001 Management System.
Health protection
In the field of health protection we much rather focus on prevention than treatment. Our health protection program prescribes regular medical check-up and monitoring for every employee with a frequency subject to risk that is characteristic of the definite workplace. Thereby the evolvement of health impairments and occupational diseases can be prevented.
Fire protection and disaster control
BC employs full-time fire-fighters within the frame of onsite fire department. In case of emergency, their duty is to protect the employees’ physical condition and health as well as protect the company’s property. In order to protect against fire with success, we further modernised our carpool of fire-fighting vehicles with a high performance and modern quick-action vehicle. The onsite fire-fighters are stationed at the new and modern fire-fighting base on BC site, therefore the access time is short, which enables quick action.
Equipment and production safety
BC attributes key importance to safety also in the course of its investment activity. We perform detailed risk assessment even in the process of planning, the result thereof is determinant in case of further steps. During the design and production of equipment and systems we implement the most advanced and safest technologies. When selecting the manufacturers of equipment and subcontractors, professional reliability and quality are primary aspects, which is the basis of our systems’ safety. In addition to the quality control procedures bindingly stipulated in regulations, our company also monitors and inspects the production of our equipment to be installed.
We check the already operating technology equipment by means of periodical tests and these inspections contain several special, in many cases instrumental inspections along with observing the legal regulations. We operate accredited materials testing laboratories.
Subcontractors’ safety
We pay distinctive attention to the health of subcontractors’ employees who perform investment and maintenance works on the Company site and we have also integrated their work performance in their safety system. In 2010 we introduced a strict regulation, which specifies the major risks, the conditions of safe work performance and the rules of accident prevention. Prior to starting the work, we provide safety training for the employees and we strictly inspect work safety.
Secured supply
The movement of transport vehicles on the site is regulated by stringent regulations. We have separated the hazardous technology areas from traffic.
The drivers of foreign vehicles are provided information on the safety regulations to be observed on the site. The route, movement and parking of vehicles are closely regulated. We regularly evaluate and audit the activity of our contractual partners who perform transportation and shipping.
We pay distinguished attention to every phase of hazardous goods transportation: safe loading and unloading, filling and discharging, handling of goods, documents and docketing. This activity is monitored by hazardous goods delivery consultants in line with ADR regulations. Both personal and material conditions are available to prevent any emergency situations that occur during transportation.

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