Integrated management system: Energy Management

Energy management

BorsodChem uses a substantial amount of electrical energy and natural gas for its operation. 
We have devoted a great deal of attention to energy saving and forward-looking technologies in the past, in the present and in the future.  It was a great achievement, that our Company had introduced the ISO 50001 Energy Management System. In the framework of this system, the measurements in connection with energy has become more important. There were large scale investments in the field of measurement, from which some is currently in progress too.

The result of the energy-conscious approach is that we have spent significant amount for investments in which we have recycled large quantity of energy considered as waste heat into the production processes. We are also providing heating for most of our buildings from energy, which is considered as valuable waste heat and we utilize this kind of heat energy for other communal purposes. 

We have achieved significant savings in the field of electricity consumption.  In the field of chlorine production, which is our largest energy consumption unit, we have reached an 18% improvement in specific energy consumption by the installation of membrane technology. At the end of 2017 year we will shut down our plant, which utilizes mercury electrolysis process, that will result in additional significant energy saving as well as a major progress in the field of environment protection too. 

There will be improvements in electrical drives by the installation of energy efficient, controllable motors we will decrease the specific energy consumption of our motors in each year. 

We pay a good deal of attention to logistical aspects in supply.
In the course of purchases and investments energy consumption indicators are taken into consideration with a significant weight as well as their greenhouse effect throughout their entire life cycle also will be taken into consideration. 

In the future, energy awareness will be strengthened not only in the area of our Company, but we would like that our employees “adopt” this philosophy and spread that in their living environment.

Energy management system

BorsodChem places great emphasis on the responsible management of natural resources and on the increase of energy efficiency. In order to ensure sustainable development and the above defined goals the Company has decided on the introduction and operation of an Energy Management System complying with the ISO 50001 standard.

The system has been introduced in 2016 as a project work. The Energy Management System has been introduced as an integrated system to the components of our existing management systems (QMS, EMS, OHSMS). It covers all of the activities and complete organization of BorsodChem, BC-MDI Termelő Kft and BC-Erőmű Kft and BC-Energiakereskedő Kft.

Certification has been taken place in September 2016, which has been carried out by the internationally acknowledged professional auditors of SGS.

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