Social responsibility

We are privileged to be a part of the strong and lively Kazincbarcika community. We believe in showing respect for our neighbours and care for the entire community, including those who need an extra helping hand.

The Kazincbarcika Association of Disabled People, Social Service Centre Shelter for the Homeless, Daily Warm House and Adra-Vítium Equity Foundation all receive support from BorsodChem. We contribute to health and healing organisations like the Together for our Health Foundation and the For Motherhood and Happiness Foundation.

Naturally, we don’t forget the very young and the very old among our neighbours. The “Meserét” Foundation, “Our children are our future" Foundation and Harica - valley Kindergarten Foundation all support the nursery and elementary schools of the town with our help. Likewise, we support the Pensioner and Social Foundation of the Chemist Trade Union of Kazincbarcika, and are involved in ‘Elderly Day’ events.

Lastly, we are supporters of public security through the Crime Prevention and Property Protection Foundation.