ISOPA launches Hungarian version of the website and a PU satisfaction survey

ISOPA is happy to announce that the Hungarian version of the Polyurethanes campaign website is now live!

Polyurethanes are all around us and are recognised as one of the most versatile groups of plastics. They are innovative, durable and sustainable materials which are widely used in many industries and applications. The website will help you discover more about polyurethanes. The website is online in eight different languages and is already available in Hungarian! It will show you how plastics play a vital role not only in making our lives more comfortable and convenient, but also in conserving our planet's precious natural resources.

To access it, simply click on the Hungarian flag on the home page.

Visitors will notice that a polyurethanes satisfaction survey has been added on the refreshed website. The survey can be accessed via a button on the top left-hand corner of the screen. The button is visible on every page of the website until the visitor has completed the survey. The main purpose of the survey is to receive feedback from visitors regarding the content, design and usability of the website.
Please take a minute to support ISOPA by filling out the survey at the following link: