Establishment of „University Industry Cooperation Centre” in collaboration with BorsodChem at the University of Miskolc

BorsodChem has started the implementation of the project „Establishment of FIEK for state of the art materials and smart technologies at University of Miskolc”, which will result in the development of several new processes, developed and tested prototypes, marketable products, services, technology processes, publications and patents. The project will be implemented till the end of 2020 from non-refundable subsidy provided by the European Regional Development Fund at a value of 4.818 M HUF. 

The consortium is led by the University of Miskolc. Further members of the consortium are BorsodChem Zrt, Robert Bosch Energy, Body Systems Gépjárműelektromossági Alkatrész Gyártó és Forgalmazó Kft. and ÉMI (Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft). During the cooperation new technologies will be installed which are currently not available on the Hungarian market. As a result the R&D capabilities of the university and the consortium partners will be improved significantly.

As the member of Wanhua Group, one of the biggest global isocyanate and PU raw material producers, BorsodChem attaches the highest importance to continuously increase its market share. In order to reach this goal an essential condition is to fulfil the customer expectations, both in the product and in customer service quality.

BorsodChem will utilize the subsidy to improve its research and development activities and aims to develop several new products. New test production lines will enable researchers to further develop experimental products and to realize upscaling processes of these products.  The company will also apply new solutions to increase energy efficiency of the raw material production technology and will elaborate new analytical methods in order to further improve the product quality.  Beside the automotive industry developments and the experimental production of building insulation materials, the company is engaged in environmental research on the recycling of PU products and on manufacturing of biopolymers.

Beside all the above mentioned investments, in the framework of the newly established „University Industry Cooperation Centre” (FIEK) an Automotive Centre will be also created at the University of Miskolc, which will also have a high impact on the education of the next engineer generation, as well as on the isocyanate and PU product development activities of BorsodChem. Furthermore the testing demand of the regional industrial players will also have a great support. 

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