BorsodChem is soon to publish its Sustainability Report

The issue of sustainability gained increased global attention in recent years. Global events, such as challenges emerging as a result of climate change, are getting more and more widespread, which draw the attention to the need of action at an individual, corporate, governmental and international scale. 

In 2016, when Hungary ratified the Convention on Climate Change, BorsodChem decided to become more committed and proactive when it comes to sustainability, and to publish its results in its Sustainability Report.

BorsodChem, considering its size, set the objective of developing a system built on reliable and realistic data, so that it can monitor and evaluate its sustainability-related indicators using continuously updated information. The company strives to become a dominant actor in the chemical industry not only in Hungary, but also in Europe, and, by joining the Wanhua Group, on a global scale as well, both in terms of business and sustainability.

The report is expected to be published in the fourth quarter of 2017, and will present the non-financial performance of the company, as well as the commitment of BorsodChem to sustainability, corporate responsibility and transparency, based on GRI, which is a globally accepted and applied international system.

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