6 Corporate Core Values

Capability of and willingness to change

  • Our measurement of employees’ performance and conducts is based on his capabilities and willingness to change and his fully awareness of own responsibility to contribute to and support the continuous enhancement of the vitality, competitiveness and profit of WH-BC.
  • We must take actions to change the behavior and phenomenon that are impeding the improvement of our efficiency, competitiveness and profit-making capabilities of the Company.
  • At the same time we reject and take action against processes and methods that are of ideologism or conservatism and actions featuring being blindly self-satisfied to move forward.
  • We are against people and behavior intentionally wasting profit opportunities that are close at hand.
  • Every employee shall build ownership and responsibilities to our Company and say no to persons and conducts hurting interests of BorsodChem.

Being practical

  • Telling facts and truth: we inform both the positive and the negative news and events to our managers and supervisors in time and use suitable communication channels to propose advise and suggestions to the Company and to our supervisors.  We confront lies and the hiding of defects or mistakes as well as the pushing of responsibility or liability onto others.
  • Working practically: we work on tasks to produce real value for our Company based on priorities.
  • Pursuit for effectiveness: we complete all assignments with high quality that benefits development of BorsodChem.

Commitment to excellence

  • We set ourselves progressive goals that are characteristics of the best of the industry at an international level.
  • We take actions promptly to meet and outperform the requirements imposed on us with PDCA philosophy (plan-do-check action) of continuous improvement.
  • ‘There is no such thing as best, all there is only even better’.

Customer orientation

  • All departments and functional units shall work to fulfil requirements of our real customers on time.
  • Internally, utilities and supporting units shall see main production plants as internal customers; upstream technical process shall see downstream process as customers.


  • to look for potential customers and to aim at creating a partnership based on mutual trust from the moment of getting into contact with them,
  • to clearly map the partners’ needs, to satisfy them on the highest possible level concerning product quality, delivery and other connected terms,
  • to apply honest and open communication, initiatives advantageous for both sides,
  • to create long term cooperation,
  • to settle claims and customers’ remarks in a fast, flexible way pleasing both sides,
  • to set up a technical service background supporting both the products and the users, which provides the processing of our products without any problems,
  • to aim at having regular feedbacks on the customers’ opinions and to use this information to improve the quality of our products and the level of our services.


  • to create cooperation based on open communication both among organizational units and within a given organization,
  • to aim at clearly understanding the tasks and needs and to make them understood, by the fast solving of which we can contribute to operation without any problems,
  • units serving production as well as those having a supporting function have to aim at providing such a high level service for the production units which contributes to creating high quality products and untroubled operation.  

Performance orientation

  • We must distinguish high performers and low performers.
  • We recognize and promote our colleagues who achieve excellent results, work with high efficiency and have outstanding capabilities, in position and in salary adjustment.  
  • We encourage our colleagues working on an average level to continuously improve.
  • Staff members (whether managers or workers) performing their tasks with poor results or low efficiency are not welcomed and we shall reconsider their future employment.

Team work

  • Managers and team leaders with their personal examples and strong leadership skills organize effective and efficient, cohesive teams and always motivate their members for better performance.
  • The team members perform their work in open cooperation. Cross cultural and departmental communication, understanding and cooperation is promoted for company’s interests.  
  • We are against departmental selfishness and self-centeredness.