BorsodChem releases its first GRI standard sustainability report at the end of 2017

Besides closing the most successful year of operation under the current ownership in 2017 to show that our commitment does not end at the gates of the company we have put together our non-financial information in a publically available report. The Sustainability Report covers our journey in 2016 shining light on previous years and setting out our goals for the future. This report will be a cornerstone on our road as a modern international chemical company. Our product as raw material contribute on many levels to the survival and more and more sustainable life but we must take care that our operation is also working on a sustainable way. The report covers our relevant metrics in each material topic and methodology of our evaluation to comply with GRI Core level requirements.

Some 2016 highlights include:
-    reduced the GHG emission specific of our products by 17% 
-    86,036 hours of training helped our 2.676 employees to develop professionally 
-    start of the hydrochloric acid conversion plant, ensuring greater energy efficiency and flexibility.
-    we have decreased the salty water in our salty water lagoons by 70.000m3

We will continue the improvement of our systems and decrease our footprint with the help of the Environmental, Health and Safety and Energy management systems. Increased investment in our employees already shows its benefit in 2017. Widening and publishing our non-financial data will help to increase the trust in our products by our customers. 

Following on the motto of the company “Chemistry for generations” we are endeavour to support local communities, employees and customers by being a transparent responsible and sustainable company.

For more on our commitments and the challenges that we are facing and overcoming in our operation please read the full report available on our website. 
Liu Junchang