I am proud that BorsodChem Zrt., a member of the Wanhua Group, is publishing its Sustainability Report for the second time, demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable world and chemical industry. In this Report we introduce our Company and detail our endeavours towards economic, environmental and social sustainability, in accordance with the reporting standard developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Thanks to our business successes, we continue to be one of the most determined companies in the region, and we wish to reflect this with the level of responsibility we take. As a responsible Company, we consider it is our duty to take part in solving problems experienced on a global and regional scale. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 provide a starting point; they identify the common focus areas for sustainable development up until 2030. It is important for us to support these global endeavours with our activities, while at the same time, addressing local challenges and the needs of our local communities.

The business years since our 2016 report were the two most successful years in BorsodChem’s history. The Company’s integration into the Wanhua Group was successfully completed, and this will improve the competitiveness and global embeddedness of BorsodChem. Our sales revenue showed marked growth, we were able to expand our workforce, and in addition to the multifarious development of the existing production technologies, we started to expand our MDI and PVC production capacity and to invest in new plant developments. We completed our new Membrane Cell Chlorine plant, and our Aniline plant investment was approved by the European Union, and this will lead us to significantly reducing the emissions generated by our supply chain, while the production potential of our Company and the country will also increase. In the coming years, development and innovation will continue to be decisive factors for BorsodChem, as we are planning new investments and product innovations.

As a chemical company, we must always consider the environmental impacts of our activities with particular care. In addition to our various projects aiming to reduce our energy intensity and emissions and to promote the responsible use of natural resources, we are dedicated to protecting the natural resources of our surrounding area. Besides the ongoing recultivation of the Salty Lagoons and Old Sludge area, we have successfully completed the landscaping and recultivation of the Berente landfill site.

As one of the largest employers in the region, we have a significant impact on the lives of our employees and their families. For them, BorsodChem offers a stable and long-term workplace. In addition to our efforts to increase our employees’ satisfaction, it is our top priority to achieve an ever-higher level of occupational safety by the continuous development of our safety culture. We are dedicated to ensuring that our “Safety First” principle is never be overwritten by business interests. Besides our comprehensive regulatory and management systems, we installed many awareness campaigns that helped BorsodChem to achieve an outstanding safety performance in the last two years.

I am also pleased that in recent years we started to support the work of various educational institutions. We cooperate with an increasing number of public and higher educational institutions, and beyond theoretical knowledge, we provide practical experience for students. Furthermore, we also created our own educational center with state-of-the-art technology that also provides  ignificant assistance to our own training programs.

It is motivating to see that more and more market players, including our own customers and suppliers realize the importance of sustainable operations – And I am proud that BorsodChem Zrt. is one of these companies. Every day we work for a more sustainable and successful chemical industry and company, and we are delighted to present our results in the following chapters. 
László Kruppa