Strong roots and steady growth

The BorsodChem production facility in Kazincbarcika is one of the leading producers of MDI, TDI, PVC resin and chlor-alkali chemicals in Europe. We supply high quality raw materials for all kinds of goods in a wide range of industries. Our portfolio of products and solutions is always expanding, and our market position grows stronger every day.

That means that wherever you are now – at work, at school or in your home – there’s a good chance that one of our products helped to create your environment. The vehicle that brought you there, the chair you’re sitting on and even the computer you are using to read this may well contain a BorsodChem product.

Our openness and flexibility have made us modern and dynamic players in Europe and further afield. However, our strong roots in the Kazincbarcika region remain important to us and we are proud to be active, positive participants in the daily life of our local community.


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