We’ve come a long way

BorsodChem grew out of a complex of local chemical factories operating in the North of Hungary.

In 1963 we established our PVC plant – the first one in Hungary.

In the early nineties, our MDI plant was completed. We began isocyanate production and the company officially became known as BorsodChem. Ten years later, TDI was added to our product portfolio.

In the intervening years, we invested heavily in our environmental performance and established a waste treatment plant. We also implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System.

Our technologies and facilities continue to grow in line with rapidly increasing demand and the changing needs of society.

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A fresh look at chemistry

Take a look around you. Can you see any of our products?

BorsodChem is a leading European producer of MDI, TDI, PVC resins, base chemicals and specialty chemicals. Since February 2011 we have been part of Wanhua Industrial Group, the world’s fastest growing producer and marketer of polyurethane raw materials and related products. We supply high quality raw materials for all kinds of goods in a wide range of industries. Our portfolio of products and solutions is always expanding, and our market position grows stronger every day.

That means that wherever you are now – at work, in your home, lying on your bed or waiting in an airport – there’s a good chance that a raw material we developed helped to create your environment. The vehicle that brought you there, the shoes you’re wearing and even the computer you are using to read this may well contain a BorsodChem product.

Now, look again. Does chemistry seem different?

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