Establishment of „University Industry Cooperation Centre” (FIEK) for state of the art materials and smart technologies at the University of Miskolc

Name of Beneficiary: University of Miskolc
Title of the project: Establishment of FIEK for state of the art materials and smart technologies at the University of Miskolc
Total budget of the project: 5 837 644 265 HUF
Amount of subsidy: 4 818 692 209 HUF
Ratio of subsidy (in %): 82,55 %

Introduction of the project:

BorsodChem has started the implementation of the project „Establishment of FIEK for state of the art materials and smart technologies at University of Miskolc.”
The project has been started on 15th December 2016 and will result in the development of several new processes, developed and tested prototypes, marketable products, services, technology processes, publications and patents. The implementation period will end on 15th December 2020 while the maintenance period will last 5 more years, till 15th December 2025. The non-refundable subsidy has been provided by the European Regional Development Fund at a value of 4.818 M HUF.

The consortium is led by the University of Miskolc. Further members of the consortium are BorsodChem Zrt, Robert Bosch Energy, Body Systems Gépjárműelektromossági Alkatrész Gyártó és Forgalmazó Kft. and ÉMI (Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft). During the cooperation new technologies will be installed which are currently not available on the Hungarian market. As a result the R&D capabilities of the university and the consortium partners will be improved significantly.

As the member of Wanhua Group, one of the biggest global isocyanate and PU raw material producers, BorsodChem attaches the highest importance to continuously increase its market share. In order to reach this goal an essential condition is to fulfil the customer expectations, both in the product and in customer service quality.

BorsodChem will utilize the subsidy to improve its research and development activities and aims to develop minimum six new products from the laboratory research phase to the test production. New test production lines will enable researchers to realize upscaling processes of newly developed products from laboratory size to semi-industrial level. The new production unit will also provide raw materials for the newly established Automotive Centre at the University of Miskolc furthermore after the test periods the unit will play an important role in the improvement of the processability and other properties of the experimental products. In order to improve the present raw material production technology, BorsodChem will examine and apply new solutions to increase energy efficiency in the production technology and to further stabilize the continuity of production. To provide an excellent product quality it is essential to identify and specify the quantity of micro pollutants in the raw materials and in the auxiliary substances therefore the goal is to elaborate new analytical methods. To realize new processes, new analytical equipment will be installed in the system during the project. 

Jointly with one of the consortium partners the development of an R&D supporting software is projected to significantly shorten the development of PU products, thus to widen the product range of BorsodChem. The main focus of the project is to develop PU products for the automotive industry however together with another consortium partner PU applications in the construction area will be also researched from the insulation and energy efficiency point of view. 
As an essential environmental aspect the research on the recycling and biodegradation of PU products will be also part of the project. The development of new products such as bio-polymers and products where the degradation of primary products is faster are also projected.  

Beside all the above mentioned investments, in the framework of the newly established „University Industry Cooperation Centre” (FIEK) an Automotive Centre will be also created at the University of Miskolc. As part of this, a high pressure foaming line and a low pressure elastomer line will be installed including industrial robots and mould carriers furthermore a fully equipped laboratory will be set up for comprehensive testing of polyurethane products. By this project such testing capacities and capabilities like polyurethane industrial prototype testing lines, measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) based on different standards (chamber test, small sample test by VDA method), acoustical measurements and aging tests will be created which are unique and currently not available in Hungary.

This will have a high impact on the education of the next engineer generation at the University of Miskolc as well as on the isocyanate and PU product development activities of BorsodChem. Furthermore the testing demand of the regional industrial players will also have a great support. 

The members of the consortium can benefit from the strong cooperation during this project and in the future works as well. Moreover the regular professional discussions with the research institutes will allow the working or studying engineers to further improve their practical knowledge at BorsodChem.

The project is realized in the framework of Széchenyi 2020 programme.
Planned finish date of the project: 2020
Project identification number: GINOP-2.3.4-15-2016-00004